About ACAES Travel & Solutions GmbH

We are an alliance devoted to the transformation of the current corporate and governmental social responsibility structures towards a sustainable social change (ACAES for its Spanish acronym) by the implementation of ACAES Travel & Solutions policies.

The Alliance stands with all our Allies, such as allied providers, agents, social projects with cultural or educational purposes, educational institutions, consumers and employees.


Is time for a change, Therefore ACAES aims to make the Tourism more Social and Sustainable through the implementation of two tools:


the Sustainable Tourism project ACAES Travel©


The Project aims to meet the travel needs of Free Independent Travellers, Small groups, Families and ACAESes. In it you will be able to book Accommodations, Activities – Tours and Services in Europe and Latinamerica direct from the ally provider with a 10% down payment.

The remaining 90% of the product value will be paid direct to the provider on site. (For the products our cancellation policies will apply). For Accommodations the cancellation policies, of the ally provider as well as those from  ACAES will aplly.

Additionally in order to ensure the quality of the products and a responsible use of the ressources, we run a sustainable quality program and a sustainable CRM program into the project.


The Sustainable Universal Social Program Help & Share ACAES Solutions ©


The program aims to drive awareness to those who are in need of help and those who are taking action to help and focus on the high level of commitment from our allies and our ourselves. As well as providing tools to directly assist in the continuation and development of social or education project in Europe and Latin America.


By HELPING with material or money donations or SHARING your time and knowledge, to lend Voluntary Service while in the destination.


By booking with us a percentage of 1% will immediately go to support one social and educational project held at each destination. Therefore any time you book through ACAES you are all ready being part of the change!




As we call them, they are people who identify themselves with our philosophy and values regardless of age, culture, religion, political or other social paradigms and accordingly choose to communicate forward.


For more Information about Help & Share visit the secction Social Program.






Our Vision is to create with your support spaces of open communication, change and sustainable development 




Our mission is the creation of transparent communication channels that allow cultural integration and, at the same time, the implementation of sustainable tourism as a tool for the coadjustment of Corporate and Governmental Social Responsibility Structures, generating a positive impact on the community and society in general.


In the same manner, our mission is to encourage a true coadjustment by the implementation of the ACAES Travel’s Sustainable Tourism Project and, in parallel, the Universal Sustainable Social Program "Help and Share ACAES Solutions".




By allying to ACAES Travel & Solutions as a customer, helper, social or educational institution, allied provider or allied agent, you will set in motion a positive dynamic which will create the following results:


1. A long term social responsibility trend among society, businesses and governments powered by Help & Share driving awareness to those who are in need of help and those who are doing something to help. Additionally, providing tools and ways to support them with Help & Share.


2. By booking with us, 1% of each booking will be destined to support a social or educational project in Europe or Latin America, therefore any time you book with us you will make a difference!!!


3. The direct support to social institutions as well as the promotion of education, and thus the creation of opportunities, as well as the improvement of the living conditions of people in Europe and Latin America is made possible through the building of sustainable educational programs supported by ACAES and ACAES allies.


4. The creation of sustainable development spaces through Help & Share by encouraging people to HELP with money or material donations or to SHARE their time and knowledge to contribute with voluntary service while in the destination.



5. The creation of cultural integration spaces between Latin America and Europe by the active participation of the stakeholders in our communities making it possible to communicate among users, allied providers, institutions and of course with ACAES.



6. The promotion of transparency in the business field.



7. Changing the way of seeing sustainable tourism as mere interest in Nature and concentrating more into society. (Social tourism)



8. Changing the misconceptions about the harmful effects of tourism on the different destinations.




As a customer you will profit from:




1. Best prices given by the operator.



2. Low reservation percentage.



3. Total flexibility on the traveling planning.



4. Access to transparent information channels.



5. All donations you make can be deducted from taxes. (Only in Switzerland)



6. A positive impact in communities through sustainable tourism.




As allied operator - agent you will profit from:




1. Low commission rate (only 10%)



2. The increase of your business performance and profit by joining our Allied Agent Program, making it possible for you to post and sell your products as an allied provider, as well as placing reservations for third parties through our system as an Agent.



3. All donations you make can be deducted from taxes. (Only in Switzerland)



4. You will have your own blog where you will be able to communicate with the customer, know his/her specific needs and promote the destination over our system.



5. Access to your own intranet where you be able to create, modify of delete posts at will.



6. Creating awareness of your own company by having a microsite within our website.




As a social institution you will profit from:




1. Creating awareness of your labour.



2. The chance of involving people to support you helping your blogs.



3. Receiving and managing material or money donations trough your own intranet.



4. Creating a multiplying factor through the people who are going to contribute with voluntary service in your project. (Mouth to mouth propaganda)




As an educational project you will profit from:




1. Creating awareness of your school by managing your own intranet and blog.



2. Creating an image for your school by helping in the development of educational or cultural projects in Latin American and Europe.



3. Accessing a wide potential market making it possible to target and attract students to your school.



4. The possibility of KNOW HOW exchange, with other schools, and arranging co operations with them, among




5. Access to a market within the tourism industry (our Allied Providers Agents) to which you will be able to offer services such as advisory or Quality Management, among others, depending of each institution.



6. Having a platform for your students where they can implement new projects or launch new products, etc. (Praxis learning)




As a collaborator you will profit from:




1. Traveling privileges in all our products (depending on the cooperation arrangement)



2. Access to a wide market in site to which you will be able to offer your products and services.



3. Commission earning (depending on the cooperation arrangement).



4. Creating awareness of your company by participating in the blogs and communities.



5. A platform to launch and test new products or services.



Raul Osorio 

Founder and Manager 

I was born and raise in Colombia, but i relocated in Switzerland  5 years a go . Here i took a degree as Diplomierte Hotellier Restaurateur and now im commited to do something Meanigfull, and thus to create a added value to Society. With this project i want to create awareness about the Social Sustainable Travel, as well as encourage the people to Help & Share aiming to generate a positive impact on society.


Charlotte Reber


I was born in Paris in 1994 although both my parents are Swiss and I have since then almost always lived abroad: in France, in Portugal, in Japan, in Romania and in Switzerland. After getting my french Baccalaureat at the Lycée Francais Anna de Noailles in Bucharest with cum laude, I started studying Business Administration in the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). I am now attending the third semester and planning to do a master in Marketing or Management after my Bachelor. Been part of an expatriate family, travelling, learning foreign languages and discovering new cultures have always been important aspects of my life.


Although my professional experience is very limited for the moment, I want to share my experience in travelling and my knowledge of the countries I have lived in with ACAES as well as my network. I am really willing to, in collaboration with ACAES, help changing the image of some countries like Romania, which have a real touristic potential but which suffer from a negative reputation abroad. Of course, having the possibility to apply the theoretical knowledge to an newly born firm is extremly interesting and motivating.


As a member of the team, I hope we will be able to reach your expectations.


Felix Maag 


Being born and raised in Switzerland, I'm currently enrolled in the last year of my Master's in Business Management at the University of St.Gallen. Driven by my passion of travelling and social entrepreneurship I consider this project as an ideal way of combinding enjoyment with social purpose in a sustainable manner. I hereby encourage everyone to be part of this movement and give something to those less fortunate than us.

This proyect aims to bring the Colombian Culture to the Swiss tables, and thus to create cultural integration.